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Executive Protection Programs By Shotokan911

Executive Protection Programs By Shotokan911
Shotokan911 specializes in Executive Protection training for the private, corporate and government sectors. Our Instructors have the unique perspective to work in both law enforcement, and private sector. Protection details have included high profile CEO, dignitaries, religious leaders, celebrities, sports personalities, and special events around the world. Our program offers training from the top EP professionals available, who are respected and acknowledged as highly experienced subject matter experts.

Shotokan911 is proud to offer both basic and advanced classes at the very best training facilities in the Mid-West.

Basic Executive Protection Course: Our five day comprehensive program is designed to cover the skills and procedures required to provide effective personal protection, and also meets the needs of a full range of studentís interest from entry level to seasoned practitioners looking to enhance their skills.

This program curriculum includes:

Fundamentals of providing executive protection Professional development. Security Advance training
Travel/Residential protection
Social Media/Background investigations, Intelligence Analysis Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
Defensive tactics training including weapons disarming
Emergency medical response in protective operations
EP security driving course. Evasive/Anti-terrorism driving
Protective formations/movement. Drills to reinforce training.
Surveillance/Counter surveillance detection

Advanced Executive Protection Course: This three day, high speed course is offered to EP personnel that have attended an accredited Executive Protection school. Training is specific to developing skills in dynamic response to todayís threats against clients in real world situations.

Advanced tactical driving
Emergency medical treatment in field and driving setting
Firearm range training for the EP Specialist
Close Quarter Defensive tactics, firearm and edge weapon disarming
Field Exercises including Advances and Counter Surveillance.
Legal considerations in the EP field
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) awareness
Explosive fundamentals
EP IRS Service Regulations
Recent EP case studies

For class times and registration please visit:
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